Fully Customized to YOUR needs!

Whether you have a small residential business or multiple crews cutting commercial properties, Sun Coast can build you the perfect enclosed trailer. Ranging from 5’ x 8’ to 8’ x 20’, we can even build you a trailer to fit in your garage.

All Sun Coast Trailers are built at our Coral Springs manufacturing location, so you can order a trailer with the size and the options to fit your business needs.

More Than 30 Years of Experience in Building Custom Trailers!

With more than 30 years experience manufacturing trailers, you can be confident that Sun Coast Trailers knows what it takes to build a long-lasting, heavy duty trailer.

Just as important, we can help guide you to make effective purchasing decisions. Let us know what equipment you need to haul, and the experts at Sun Coast will help you find or design the trailer you need!


Heavy Duty Frames & Torsion Axles for Long Life

Heavy Duty Frame With more than 30 years experience manufacturing trailers, every Sun Coast Trailer begins with a heavy duty welded steel frame that’s built to last. Just ask our customers who are still using the Sun Coast Trailer they bought decades ago!

Torsion Axles All enclosed Sun Coast Trailers are built with torsion axles, and here’s why: independent suspension and less moving parts than springs axles means that you get a longer life expectancy and a better riding trailer.

The Best Support in the Industry!

One of the best things about manufacturing trailers locally is that we are able to provide you the support you may occasionally need. There is no one better to repair your trailer than the people who built it.

All of our trailers offer a limited 3 year warranty, to a full 1 year warranty covering sealant, electrical components, hydraulics, hoses, paint, and undercoating.